Here you can find answers for all frequently asked questions related to our IMEI check service

IMEI is a unique 15 digit number assigned to your mobile phone. IMEI number as form of ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is used to identify mobile devices. Therefore all details related to your smartphone including blacklist status can be checked using the IMEI number.

In order to locate IMEI, ESN or serial number you can use the following ways:

  • Dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device
  • IMEI number must be printed on the original phone's packaging
  • IMEI and serial numbers are usually located on the back case, SIM card tray or inside the battery compartment of the phone

Our IMEI checker supports all manufacturers and phone models. The main feature of our service is global IMEI blacklist check. Also you are able to find out additional important information about your device, such as Find my iPhone and iCloud status for Apple devices.

We strongly recommend you to use our IMEI checker if you are looking for a used smartphone. This will help you to avoid headache with mobile phones reported as lost or stolen. Mobile device with blacklisted IMEI is automatically blocked by mobile operators, so the phone becomes useless. Also do not forget to check iCloud and Find my iPhone statuses in case you are going to buy iPhone.

This means that the phone was reported as lost or stolen and its IMEI number was added to the international blacklist. Blacklisted devices can not be used with most mobile operators, so beware of buying a phone with barred IMEI / ESN number. Always check the IMEI number with our checker before the purchase of a used smartphone.

In case your phone was lost or stolen, you should follow the steps below as soon as possible:

1. Report the theft to your mobile operator.
Your service provider will block the stolen sim card in order to suspend all phone services like calls, internet and SMS.

2. Report the phone as lost/stolen to the police.
Please note that law enforcement might request a proof of the purchase of the phone and IMEI or serial number.

3. File online IMEIpro claim in order to blacklist the IMEI number.
Report stolen or lost phone by creating IMEIpro worldwide blacklist database record.

Also try to locate your phone and erase your personal data using manufacturer "Find my phone" tool (e. g. Find my iPhone for Apple devices and Android Device manager for Android phones).

Activation lock (or iCloud lock) is a feature that helps to keep the iPhone secure. It is enabled automatically in case you turn Find my iPhone ON. Thereafter you will need to enter the password in order to deactivate Find my iPhone, activate your iPhone/iPad, or erase it.

Please note that we are not able to disable Find my iPhone and remove activation lock. We can not help you with your Apple ID or password as well. That's why we would recommend you to check Find my iPhone status before buying used iPhone or iPad.

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